memoirs of a strange little girl

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By Sara McGrath

Publisher : Sara McGrath

ABOUT Sara McGrath

Sara McGrath
I'm mom to 3 girls. I live near Seattle and write articles, do transcription, and write books.



My mother name me after Bob Dylan's Sara, his song of loss and bittersweet memory. The song could have set the tune for my life, with cries of Gypsy violin and harmonica. Instead it gave me solace, a sad music place where I felt at home.

I wrote my memoirs after my father died. His death prompted me to reorganize and redefine my life as a way of moving forward. My childhood was an abusive and chaotic one and my memoirs are framed by my father's death and told through a lens of grief. However, it is not an altogether unhappy story. Remarkable even to me is that I believe I am a happier person than many who had less dramatic childhoods. The painful experiences gave me motivation to always search and reach for something happier.

Fantastic! I actually watchlisted your book because the title is one of my favorite Tori Amos it caught my eye. I thought your pitch was great and came in for a read. Now I've got you on my shelf! . . . I find your imagery vivid, your use of the language tremendous, and feel that your work is almost bookstore-ready. As a customer I would have purchased it and sat down to read it all in one night. Here are the things I liked the most: "They love the tree as it screams under their saws"- wow. if that doesn't epitomize many of your character's relationships with their parents, I don't know what does. Wonderful. "When I get distracted by things above the ground." and the whole scene with Tiger's kittens. How powerful. I certainly didn't expect your mother to come out with her shotgun, and the combined tenderness of laying them in the sweater and then the child's wrapping it up as the sweater was ruined anyway from cottage cheese- wow. ~Cy on Authonomy

I finished your book this morning. I had to let it stew for a while. Technically I found a missing word, somewhere near the middle, but couldn't find it later. Other than that, this book is ready for the bookstores. I think you're on the threshold of being discovered. This book isn't whinny and doesn't scream for sympathy as so many like ours do. This is a good tale, told well and is about to bestow success upon you and deservedly so. I'll keep an eye out to see how you fare in the future. ~ Kennesaw on Authonomy

I really, really like this. . . saw this and got stuck in! I love the style of it, I found myself reading it quite quickly, wanting to read on. Fascinating, colourful characters and you seem to have introduced a number of them effortlessly in quite a short space of time. I will put you on myshelf as I think this needs to be noticed, and I will be back for more soon. ~ KS on Authonomy

I love the flowing lyrical quality of this and as such I believe I am about to be the first to proudly place it on my bookshelf. ~ Ali Cooper on Authonomy