Tommy and the Christmas Tradition

ABOUT Angie Bowker-Brant

Angie Bowker-Brant
I am a published author, speaker, workshop facilitator, humanitarian entrepreneur, real estate broker, mom, daughter, sister and aunt. I work with a number of non-profits as a Board Member, coach, consultant, and a volunteer. I believe in giving a hand up instead of a hand out as well More...



TOMMY AND THE CHRISTMAS TRADITION is the first book being released as part of my Secret Mission children's & family book series. What sets this book AND series apart is the heart and intent of these writings is to inspire, inform and move you to action!

It's written primarily for kiddos ages 4-10 BUT it's designed to be read as a family, classroom, or Sunday school group. The story is engaging, surprising and will encourage you and the little ones in your life to make a difference in your community and world...but in a SECRET MISSION style!

There are interactive questions following the story as well as information on how to utilize the story as a short but powerful Bible study for your family or group!