Life in a Cubicle

General Fiction

By Utkarsh Rai

Publisher : Self

ABOUT Utkarsh Rai

Utkarsh Rai
Utkarsh Rai ( lives life to the fullest on many different fronts. He is the Managing director of an IT MNC and recipient of Udyog Rattan award. He writes fiction and non-fiction books. He is a globetrotter, who enjoys taking his family to many countries. He liv More...



What is the meaning of success, and how does one deal with life in this new globalised world? How can one recognise true friends, and how does one choose a suitable partner for life? These are just some of the many intense questions that Life in a Cubicle grapples with.

Abhay Joshi, a young go-getter, has just emerged from college, and has landed a good job. Luckily, his close friends, Sridhar, Tarun and Rupa, get offers from the same company. Abhay is ecstatic about stepping into this new world. Blessed with talent and intelligence, the world seems to be at Abhay’s feet... and then, he realises that life in a cubicle is not as easy as it seems.

What happened to his friends over the years? Has he ever found the difference between competition and jealousy?  How he survived the office politics? Can he achieve his dream of becoming a manager?  How can he deal with different bosses? How he managed his heartbreak? Did he found his love or was it a compromise?

While Abhay’s trials and tribulations are under focus throughout the book, there are several other interesting characters through whom myriad perspectives of life are offered. Life in Cubicle, provides a glimpse into life as it is being lived out today.