Invasion of Justice

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Regan Black
Regan Black is dedicated to crafting action packed paranormal romance novels so readers can savor a fantastic escape from the daily grind. If you are looking for a proven author who can deliver a fast-paced, exciting novel for your essential escape you've come to the right place.



It's a mind thing...
In 2096, empath Petra Neiman loves the real thing. Be it pencils, phones, or people, whatever technology has improved, she prefers originals in both her professional and personal life. Or she would if she had a personal life. Experiencing someone's memories with the briefest touch puts a whole new spin on intimacy. Then her world shifts as a serial killer taps into Petra's dreams - without physical contact - revealing a gruesome murder and framing Petra's brother for the crime.

...he couldn't understand.

Dark ops leader Gideon Callahan is as baffled by the concept of an empath as he is by his new assignment to keep said empath under observation. Trained to follow orders, he watches, engages, and reports to his superiors - until he discovers Petra's mental abilities are all too real and he might just be working for the wrong side.

"A perfect blend of mystery, paranormal, and suspense to create a pleasure of a reading experience." --Fallen Angles Reviews on the Shadows of Justice series

5 stars! This book was a great follow-up to Black's Justice Incarnate. Great characters who deliver quite a punch! --M. Carpenter, Amazon reviewer