Killer: Coiree Guardians - Book Two

ABOUT Mari Miniatt

Mari Miniatt
Mari Miniatt was born and raised in the north woods of Wisconsin. On a large farm in the middle of the woods. She graduated from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a degree in communications. After working in a variety of places; food service, factory, offices, she settled in o More...


Vincent had been a killer. Now his prey comes to him. He no longer has to hunt or worry about his meals. It has gotten too easy. Two vampires come into his life. An old friend and a new competition. When one of them crosses the line and hurts one of Vincent's donors. He has to become like he had been, a killer. But this time, things go very differently.

This is the second of the four part series about the Coiree Guardians. This book focuses on Vincent, the host of the Rathskeller. The idea behind the story was simple. When does a predator, like a vampire, become a killer? In other words, where is the line between killing for survival and killing for killing.