Even Sinners Have Souls TOO

General Fiction

By E. N. Joy

Publisher : End of the Rainbow Projects


E. N. Joy
BLESSEDselling author, E. N. Joy, is the writer behind the five book series, “New Day Divas,” coined the “Soap Opera In Print.”  Formerly writing secular works under the names Joylynn M. Jossel and JOY, this award winning author has been sharing her literary expertise on conferenc More...


More of Urban Lit’s finest take a walk on the other side in book two, Even Sinners Have Souls Too, of the three book “Sinners Series.”


Darrell King, Victor L. Martin and Essence Best-Selling authors, Tysha and Michel Moore, bring you four smashing tales, but not before National Best-Selling author, K’Wan, hits you with the powerful introduction, Oh Sinner Man.


Edited by award winning author E. N. Joy, once again, some of the literary industry’s much respected authors pick up their pens to ink something outside of their norm.  As the gritty tales unfold, the readers’ souls will be enveloped by the moving and unexpected outcomes.  Unlike other street stories, these real and raw characters choose neither the road most traveled nor the road traveled less; they make their own way.  Even Sinners Have Souls Too (like Even Sinners Have Souls-Book One of the series) continues to change the state of African American literature.


Books and authors of books that are categorized as urban, erotic, street, ghetto, gangster, Hip-Hop fiction, or whatever else they are being labeled, are taking hard hits in the industry, especially by these so-called “literary writers”. Why is it that whenever black people bring the life they live front and center and turn it into art, society goes crazy? Are we that afraid and offended of the ghetto and the projects to the point where we ridicule those who talk about it? Is growing up in the hood that taboo? Spite popular belief, everything that comes from the ghetto isn’t all bad. There are some good products of the ghetto. It produces great individuals, some even authors. But because of the type of genre that these authors choose to pen, they are stigmatized and rumored unable to create literature without glorifying a trigger happy, drug dealing thug, or a burgundy micro braid wearing, gum poppin’, promiscuous gold digger, or a television stealing crack head (in addition to at least two curse words per paragraph). Even Sinners Have Souls TOO is a compilation of short stories written by the literary industry’s most respected urban, erotic and street lit authors. It is the book that is going to shatter the myth about urban and street literature and its authors once and for all. This project is not so that authors have to defend their work, or even compromise it. The purpose is to show that they are multi-talented with a natural gift to pen what flows through their spirit and not just what’s selling and at the same time to add a creative twist on their already original writing styles. Each gritty and profound story is told in just as raw and real of a voice as any other urban erotic or urban street story, only these stories omit the use of cursing, offensive slang and explicit sexuality that authors sometimes feel is needed to authenticate their story. Instead, readers are lured in by the poignant storylines and themes and the genuine talents and abilities of these prolific authors. Each story has characters who face the same struggles and tragedies that any other character growing up in the hood might endure. But what is phenomenal about these characters is that although they might be living a dangerous and immoral lifestyle, they are not so far gone that they can’t acknowledge the power of a higher being and a life changing moment that could alter their lives forever. The spiritual importance of these stories will be displayed like never before in these author’s works. This project began with authors getting together to make a difference in the so-called state of urban literature. The end result is nourishing the reading community with a piece of literature that provides a significant upside to a life that otherwise might have been wasted if it had not have been for the mercy and grace of the Creator, but at the same time, once again, giving readers what’s real.