Soul Sacrifice (The Soul Trilogy)

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Leanore Elliott

Publisher : Silver Publishing

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Leanore Elliott
I write Hot Paranormal Fiction. I write for the enjoyment of it and to have a few readers enjoy the tales too. I have written 10 books in a years time and three series are out right now, from different publishers I have 12 books out on the market.Heres the doorway to the books  LEANORE'S BOOKS


It becomes hot and restless down in the deep south.

A Creole pact that haunts a family for a hundred years.

Its 1889...Cesso and Reeves meet, and it's an electrifying experience. They will love and fight until it brings their souls to peril, when they make the Soul Sacrifice.

It's 1989...Jubilee Evangeline is the last living heir, removing the Hundred year old curse is her destiny, but will she lose the man she loves because of it?

Charlie and Ravens are brought to the Avalonde plantation to lift the Evangeline family curse. Sparks fly between them as they begin again. But will the Demon of the pact tear them apart?

You will live the Sacrifice, Betrayal and the Redemption in...The Soul Trilogy.

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Reviewed by: Angibabi4 NIGHT OWL REVIEWS

What a great book. I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to get started on book two of the Soul Trilogy. It kept me captive from the moment I started reading this book. Great job.

It begins with a dream that Cessoline has of a man with deep blue eyes, that she is considerably drawn to. She finds out the man of her dreams is real and a friend of her brother. Thinking that she was tricked, she decides to trick the same man of her dreams, Blake Reeves, by dressing as a spinster to dissuade him from marrying her. Thanks to twists of fate and several helping hands, the adventure begins. This book will keep you guessing, mix in a few twists and turns and you have a great story, spanning several generations and the lives that were altered due to unexpected twists in the tale.

This is the First Book in the Soul Series Trilogy written by Leanore Elliott. This story encompasses parallel lives of Cesso Sommers , a young , spoiled, rich, young girl living on Avondale Plantation in New Orleans, La in 1889 with that of reporter Charlie Sanders living in the year 1989. We learn they are all part of a curse of the Velree on Evangeline.

I love how this book switches back and forth from 1889 where Cesso meets Reeves and 1989 where Charlie meets Ravens.The way the author changes the feel of this book are to her credit as well. Love and the affairs of the heart, in the deep south in 1889 were sensual whispers, eye batting and things left unsaid, where men wanted to tame and control a woman. Cesso is strong willed and is testing Reeves like no other. There relationship is steamy, funny, and tempestuous..

Charlie meets Ravens when they are deliberately brought to Avondale Plantation 100 years later, to hopefully break the curse. They seem to ‘know each other’ and the sexual tension between them is strong. Each woman is different and the same. Cesso hold a fan in her hands like a proper Southern woman should...Charlie holds a cell phone...

Ms Elliott writes of eternal love, frightening curses, murder and love lost.. Book one gives us a glimpse of the tale she expertly will spin. All the players are assembled. We readers need to hang on and go along for this wonderful ride..I expect we will not be disappointed. Thank you Ms Elliott for such a haunting story !

Second Book will be out in September called Soul Betrayal and the last will be Soul Redemption due out in October...

Preview Review written by

Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer-Paranormal Romance Guild