BEASTS-The Eyes Of Constance

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Leanore Elliott

Publisher : Wicked Muse Publishing

ABOUT Leanore Elliott

Leanore Elliott
I write Hot Paranormal Fiction. I write for the enjoyment of it and to have a few readers enjoy the tales too. I have written 10 books in a years time and three series are out right now, from different publishers I have 12 books out on the market.Heres the doorway to the books  LEANORE'S BOOKS


Constance has visions of only one kind - Serial Killers - and for the last three years, her cop-partner, Jack, has helped her to find and stop these killers. She begins to feel a presence and a powerful urge for her partner that she has never felt before. 

What will happen when she comes face to face with The Beasts Of Forever?

A legend, hides in Constance Braddock's past. She is a psychic who see's only serial killers. A homicide detective who kills them for sport, joins in her hunt for these killers. Together, they do a public service, albeit in secret. Constance finds that she no longer feels brotherly love for her cop partner Jack. When she faces him with her new-found feelings, the tale turns in a fantastic direction, leaving the reader surprised and excited. This book is Highly Erotic and rated R.

Hot & Sexy, October 24, 2010
Karen Fuller "Karen" (Northwest Florida Panhandle) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Beasts of Forever (Kindle Edition)
Leanore Elliott took the term Paranormal in a totally new direction. This book is hot, sexy, and downright beastly. Constance discovers too late that she loves Jack. She must find a balance between the beast within and her humanity. To earn the love, she is forced to remember the hate. If you like hot, erotic romance, this is a must read. 
Karen Fuller 
I don't think we are in Kansas any more, October 2, 2010
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This review is from: Beasts of Forever (Kindle Edition)
Where do I begin. I loved this book. I read late into the night, while eating lunch at work and used text to speech through my Ipod jack in my car while driving home. I won't go into the plot - that has already been well done in another review. This book is highly erotic, it takes us on a ride through time and to many locales. I found myself at times loving and at other times hating each of the characters. I laughed and sometimes I wanted to reach through the pages and either hug or slap someone. Dinner takes on a whole new meaning for me now and I find myself gazing at the outsides of historical buildings with new eyes. Keep em coming Ms. Elliott.