Gimpy's Secret . . . it's what's missing

Gimpy's Secret . . . it's what's missing

ABOUT Elaine McLellan

Elaine McLellan
One of ten children, I was born and raised in Colorado; educated at Western State College, Colorado University, and several years of life. I had the good fortune early in life to discover, right across the street, my life long best friends. These two wonderful people and my loving family h More...



Finally, and for the first time an exact template for living the greatest commandment of all, "love one another."  It is our only hope.  Love is now defined by science, as a 'system.' You better know how it works, just like electricity, or you will have severe consequences.  Failed marriages, destroyed families, even nations falling.  Looks like a children's book but this isn't kid's stuff.  It is for everyone. Five star reviews on Amazon.