The Utopian Man

ABOUT Kathy Hyer

Kathy Hyer
I am a dreamer, an optimist.  I am typical of my astrological sign, cancer.  I love writing on a balcony on the beach with the tide coming in and kites flying.  I love the sound of rain on the roof.   


Is There a Perfect Man?


What are all the puzzle pieces that fit together to create the perfect man? Author Kathy Hyer takes a shot at answering this age-old question in her scintillating new novel The Utopian Man.


Jaci is enjoying a very successful career, but her sister has everything Jaci really wants: a wonderful husband and children on the way. When Jaci breaks up with the man she thought she was going to marry, she is devastated. With her biological clock ticking loudly, Jaci desperately seeks another groom to make her life complete. She resorts to using a magic spell that combines the top qualities of 12 men to come up with – Max – the perfect man. Or is he?

Will Jaci’s world be shattered if she learns that perfection doesn’t equal happiness, or does her future lie with The Utopian Man?

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