Whispers of the Gods

Whispers of the Gods

ABOUT Michelle Hart

Michelle Hart
I am a self published author of a novel set in Ancient Egypt, and now I am looking for a publisher. I want to write full time and get out and meet new people and travel too. Corresponding with other writers, agents and publishers is also important to me.



Rich historical fact blends with fiction in this absorbing tale of Hatshepsut the first female Pharaoh, and her nephew the heir, whom she banished to the Karnak temple on the death of his father; her greed and ambition are fuelled by Grand Vizier Senenmet also her lover, and, the hated enemy of Pharaoh Tutmoses when he reaches manhood; eventually through the mystical guidance of High Priestess Anas, Tutmoses finds the strength to challenge the woman who has stolen his birthright.