Memoirs Of An Accidental Hustler

Memoirs Of An Accidental Hustler

ABOUT J.M. Benjamin

J.M. Benjamin
J.M. Benjamin is an Essence Best Selling author hailing from out of Plainfield New Jersey. He is the author of eight titles, consisting of Down In The Dirty, My Manz And 'Em, Ride Or Die Chick 1 & 2, (which are also available in Black Expressions), On The Run With Love, Heaven &  More...



Meet the Benson’s…A young married couple, with four children living under the same roof in a nice neighborhood. On the outside looking in, one could easily mistake them for an average “Middle Class” family that had moved on up like “The Jefferson’s”…But that’s not the case. They are far from being in comparison to “The Huxtables” and life as they once knew it comes rapidly crashing down.


Eight year old Kamil, the next to the youngest of the Benson clan, shares how life was for he and his siblings, after being forced to adjust to the conditions of a “New Way” of living. He details what it was like after his mother made a bold and drastic decision to walk away from not only the “Finer Things” in life they had grown accustomed to, but his father as well.


A Brownstone in the Bed-Sty area of Brooklyn New York, traded in for a housing projects in a small town where his grandmother resided in Plainfield New Jersey, Kamil takes you on a journey of how he was exposed to another world and a different breed of people than he was used to in the city that became his home.


Bonded by the absences of their fathers, he and his brother befriend a group of boys from the neighborhood and form an un-breakable bond, vowing not to travel down the same road as their dads, making a pact to stay in school and out of the streets.


]Kamil also takes you through his personal experience with the opposite sex, as a childhood crush develops into something much more.


As this story un-folds, walk with Kamil as he transitions from childhood to teen into young adulthood and struggles with the very things his mother walked away from and tried so hard to prevent he and his brother from embracing.


What starts out as a game and a means of survival…Ultimately ends up serious and addictive. This is the memoir of an Accidental Hustler…

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