Ride Or Die Chick 2

General Fiction

By J.M. Benjamin

Publisher : Flower In Bloom Publishing

Ride Or Die Chick 2

ABOUT J.M. Benjamin

J.M. Benjamin
J.M. Benjamin is an Essence Best Selling author hailing from out of Plainfield New Jersey. He is the author of eight titles, consisting of Down In The Dirty, My Manz And 'Em, Ride Or Die Chick 1 & 2, (which are also available in Black Expressions), On The Run With Love, Heaven &  More...



According to Teflon Jackson, she has nothing else to live for. Having lost the only man she ever truly loved to the streets of Virginia, and with a child she gave up for adoption somewhere in the world, she can’t decided whether to continue to ride out her current predicament or end her life and meet up with her other half- until she is given another reason to live.

Richard Robinson a.k.a. Richie Gunz, the father of Treacherous Freemen, finds a way to reach out to Teflon while finishing up his last ten years in federal prison for armed robbery. Instantly the two form a father- daughter relationship thicker then thieves from behind prison walls that transcend onto the other side.

Upon his release Richie vows to find the whereabouts of his grandchild and do everything in his power to aid her in her present situation, and re-enters the streets of Virginia after being absent for nearly 3 decades.

With Teflon’s second chance has been given a second chance at life, she is faced with the decision to live the way society deems best or choose possible death over life and become a ride or die chick- again.