Collaboration: A Play

General Fiction

By Kellie Powell

Publisher : These Aren't My Shoes Productions

ABOUT Kellie Powell

Kellie Powell
Kellie Powell's plays have been produced by Love Creek Productions, Art International Radio, the Illinois State University Free Stage Festival, KNOW Theatre, the Penny Dreadful Players, Studio Z, Hinman Production Company, and Asphalt Jungle. Her plays have been published by These Aren’t More...


Kim wrote a short play she called JSTMYN. Her friend, Shane, adapted her play into a full-length show, and found a company willing to produce it. They have arranged a meeting in a neighborhood park. Shane is planning to celebrate the signing of their first contract, and is shocked when Kim refuses to allow Shane's version of her work to be published or produced. A witty, intense dispute over creative ownership erupts. The battle rages until Kim finally reveals why the play means so much to her: Shane was the inspiration for the love story he destroyed. Ultimately, their collaboration on JSTMYN mirrors the uneven relationship that has shaped Kim’s life.

Collaboration won Hinman Production Company's 2003 Play Contest, and was produced by the company in April 2004 in Binghamton, New York.

Collaboration was also produced by the Illinois State University Free Stage Festival in April 2006.

In November of 2010, Collaboration was included in an evening of short plays by Kellie Powell called "F*ck You And Your Happy Endings!" produced by Love Creek Productions Developing Acts Company at the Beckmann Theatre, American Theatre of Actors in New York City.