Golden Deer Sun and White Bear Moon

Children's Books, General Fiction, Family & Relationships

By Jax Hix

Publisher : DreamingDragon Publishing

Golden Deer Sun and White Bear Moon


Jax Hix
Profile of Human Unit, Subtype AB+, Variegated prototype 5 of 6, female:

Jax Hix was born with an assumed name in an assumed town by an assumed woman strictly for liability purposes. Raised by Raccoons, Jax is drawn to shiny objects and ideas. As a scientist unable to work in  More...


A delightful and beautifully illustrated children's tale involving the wisdom of an ancient story telling of the early days of earth and the birth of the sun, moon and seasons.  Enjoyed by the child and the child within, Golden Deer Sun and White Bear Moon awakens the mystical qualities of the world around us, soon to become a family favorite!