York Proceeded On

History, Young Adult, Children's Books

By Catherine Jaime

Publisher : Creative Learning Connection

ABOUT Catherine Jaime

Catherine Jaime
Homeschool Mom of 12, Teacher, Historian, and Author.  


Many people have at least a passing familiarity with the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the adventures they faced. But sadly, too few know of the presence of a slave on that trip. Captain William Clark took his slave York with him when he headed west with Meriwether Lewis and the others. 

This family-friendly novel relives the Expedition through York's eyes. As York shares the stories of his adventures and trials with his grandchildren, we see the difficulties they experienced and the trials they endured. 

The facts included in the story are based on extensive research in the Lewis and Clark Journals. I did take literary license by adding York's family. We know that York was married when he went on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and we know that he remained a slave for 10 years after the expedition, but we know very little else about his life after they returned from the Pacific Ocean. 

I've been researching the Lewis and Clark Expedition for many years. The longer I studied it, the more bothered I was by the fact that York's story is so seldom told. Many people that I spoke with didn't even realize that a slave had accompanied the Corps of Discovery on their trip west. After finishing my first novel last fall, I decided to turn my energies to writing a short novel from York's perspective.