Riverside Blues

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Erik Tomblin

Publisher : Earthling Publications

ABOUT Erik Tomblin

Erik Tomblin
Though I enjoyed writing stories at an early age, I spent a good deal of the 90s earning a B.A in Psychology and a Masters in Information Technology. My creative outlet came in the form of penning song lyrics instead of prose. After finally having a bit of life under my belt, I turned my a More...


Fifty years ago, Gordon's wife disappeared without a trace. He still mourns her. In an attempt to keep himself occupied, Gordon decides to clean up their special place along the river running behind his home. It's there he finds something from his wildest dreams and his darkest nightmares that will reveal the lies surrounding his wife's disappearance, lies he has believed for the last half century.... 

With Riverside Blues, I wanted to write something that wasn’t premeditated. It started with a simple image as I sat behind my house at dusk looking at the edge of the woods: a woman walking out from the trees. From there, I put myself in the story and began answering the questions that came to mind. Who was she? Did I know her? Why is she there and where has she been?

"In RIVERSIDE BLUES, Erik Tomblin attempts something highly audacious and succeeds, telling a chilling and bittersweet story of lost love regained. It's a unique and atmospheric blend of horror, mystery, and Southern Gothic, with an ending that fulfills my definition of perfection -- surprising yet inevitable. A dark and deeply felt gem from a writer well worth watching." — Chet Williamson