The Guardians of the Universe

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Chris Henderson

Publisher : Christopher T. Henderson

ABOUT Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson


You may think the only world that exists is our world, well then, you are wrong. There are twelve worlds in the universe including Earth. Years ago in a magical releam called Enchanted Hollows a wise wizard named Arocaius created the doors that lead to a secret hallway so everybody could travel to these lands. It was all well until a mysterious villain named Lord Valatar who wore a black helmet that covered his face started attacking all of the worlds. An ancient prophecy told of three warriors who control the six elements; water, fire, earth, wind, ligtning, and ice. These three warriors are the only ones who can defeat Lord Valatar and save the the universe. There was a weapon called the Master Key which was a golden key the size of a sword with twelve gems on it to power it, each one represnted a world in the universe and with these gems people could unlock the doors, but not only that, it could also be used to defeat Lord Valatar, but he stole the key and scattered the gems, now the three chosen warriors have to find them. Today, the Henderson siblings; Emma, Johnny, and Susan, have found the secret hallway and the Master Key in their house. Now they must find the gems, travel to all the worlds, restore the Master Key back to it's power, and defeat Lord Valatar once and for all while trying to keep their father and their next door neighbor from finding out about it.