Undaunted, A Stan Turner Mystery

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By William Manchee

Publisher : Top Publications

ABOUT William Manchee

William Manchee
William Manchee is an attorney by trade and practices law in Dallas with his son Jim. Originally from southern California, he lives now in Plano, Texas with his wife Janet of some 41 years. Manchee discovered his passion for writing late in life at age forty-eight and has vowed to write a  More...



This is the story of Stan Turner's childhood and how he becomes an attorney. One year while he was growing up Southern California in the late fifties he goes to the county fair and they have an old Univac computer there programmed to tell fortunes. He has his fortune told and it forewarns him that his life will be difficult and fraught with danger. About this time he has a brush with the law, gets interested in the legal system, and decides to become an attorney. This sets the stage for the Stan Turner Mystery series as his fortune becomes a prophecy and at every turn Stan is confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, yet he pushes forward, undaunted by the unknown forces that seek to derail him.

In this first volume Stan is drafted during the Vietnam War and ends up in the Marine Corps. On his first day in bootcamp he inadvertantly befriends a serial killer and when his drill sergeant ends up murdered, Stan is accused of the crime.

Not long after OCS candidate Stan Turner arrives to begin his Marine Corps career he is horrified to find himself both a prime suspect in a horrific murder and a resident in the Quantico brig.  The fact that Stan's fingerprints are all over the murder weapon used to do away with his drill sergeant does look bad, really bad, for the recent college student.   

Turner is married, the parent of one child and soon to be father of the child Rebekah is carrying.  Rebekah's ever present jealousy clouds her thinking when the best hope for proving Stan's innocence is provided by an attractive journalist and a libidinous nurse who finds Stan every bit attractive as does his wife.  Rebekah has stomped home before either the baby is born or the murder trial Stan must undergo is completed.  Turner has always wanted to be an attorney, his joining the Marine Corps comes as much of surprise to him as it does to others.  Little does he realize that the fellow he befriends upon his arrival at Quantico has a hidden secret.  

In this introductory volume to the Stan Turner series, Writer Manchee weaves a fast paced, tightly wound narrative filled with intrigue, deception and circumstance which are not always as they seem.  UNDAUNTED, A STAN TURNER MYSTERY proves Manchee's understanding of the justice system;  not a wholly surprising situation for this successful Dallas attorney.  This novel  has it all.  Love, duplicitous murder, a serial killer, The Corps, suicide, and a bigoted white supremacist all race the reader through the pages of this gripping work.

Writer Manchee always weaves an excellent account.  Stan Turner is a 'common folk' stumble over his own feet at times type hero. just the kind of hero most of us feel most comfortable knowing.   UNDAUNTED sets the groundwork for the novels to follow.  We meet Stan and Rebekah, get to know them and find them likeable despite their little imperfections.  In this first in the series Stan manages to evade the gallows, complete his bar exams and remain married to Rebekah.  None of this is done without some wear and tear on our hero.

Watch for red herrings.  You may find yourself caught by surprise with the ending!  Delightful read, highly recommended.

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