The Zondon

Mystery & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Robby Charters

Publisher : Self published through Smashwords and Amazon

ABOUT Robby Charters

Robby Charters
I live with my family, sometimes in Thailand where I was born and my wife is from, sometimes in Ireland where my dad is from. In Thailand, I teach English at a bi-lingual school. In Ireland, I work with software. In both places, I write. At this moment, we're in N. Ireland.


Ernie Magawan has been bothered by bazaar recurring dreams of outer space and a green crystal. He's tempted to agree with his twin that he might be off in the head - until, during an archaeology dig, he finds the very crystal and realises he's on an mission that started before he was born. The stability of the universe depends on their success. He has to find and wake up six others like himself...

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