E M Logan
EM Logan lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.  She enjoys gardening, music and writing.



John Lane, a New York Detective, embarks on a journey beggining with a troubled youth, a failing marriage filled with abuse of which he is the perpetrator and the evils of the streets (murder, gang violence, crime in general).  However, he discovers the truth that will free him.  And in the end, he gains strength and determination to change his life for the better.

It seems to me, I could be wrong, that crimes are becoming increasingly more violent, evil, especially towards children. It made me wonder what could be the driving force of this evil. It seems to be spreading uncontrollably. Hence, the idea of Retribution of The Harvest was born. My intent is to stimulate thinking. And, perhaps offer a reason, maybe even a solution to all this evil that seems to be consuming the earth. Also, I hope to motivate my readers to find some way to overcome whatever ails them and to never give up no matter how rough the path to truth and freedom may be.

Reviewed By Karynda Lewis

Official Apex Reviews Rating:

Haunted by the demons of a troubled, abusive childhood, NYPD Detective

John Lane centers his wrath on his helpless wife, Shelby, who serves as the target

of his tortuous internal strife. All of that changes, though, when John is eventually moved by a recurring spiritual dream involving his late father’s nomadic soul –which leads him to seek a better path for his own life. Determined to make a change for the better, John finally decides to confront the omnipresent demons that have been haunting his every step for years – but will he be able to summon the strength to conquer them once and for all...?

Deftly insightful,

Retribution Of The Harvest is a profoundly moving tale of personal redemption. In it, author E.M. Logan paints a compelling portrait of a

flawed, yet well-meaning soul at war – both within itself and with the world

beyond. Given the horrific events of his past, readers from similarly traumatic

backgrounds are sure to relate to the dark evolution that John undergoes as he

eventually morphs into the very evil that he struggles to escape – but they are also just as likely to identify with the valiant struggle he wages to overcome his tainted past in order to help his tarnished soul finally burn clean. With a subtly powerful touch,

Retribution Of The Harvest is an inspiring morality tale guaranteed to

invoke a deeper sense of introspection in the reader – regardless of whatever

stage you may be in your own personal growth and development. A

recommended read.