The Molly Lake Chronicles Book 2 Barely Afloat

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Samuel Endicott

Publisher : Griffin Press

ABOUT Samuel Endicott

Samuel Endicott
Samuel Endicott soldiered in the combat engineers from 1975 to 1995. An army ranger and paratrooper, he trained soldiers to understand the tactical implications of battlefield terrain by using Wolfe's siege of Quebec as a case study. He is a graduate of the Army CGSC and Naval War College More...



It's autumn, 1765; Parliament wants to assert control over the American colonies and pressures an irascible royal governor, ambitious customs officers, and a depressed naval captain to improve New York's revenue collections. Throughout the Hudson Valley, citizens begin choosing between submission and resistance. Complicating matters, the French king sends two agents to foment rebellion. Molly Lake and Jean-Luc St. Alembert return for their second adventure. The young couple struggles with established business competitors and individuals on both sides of the ocean who want the up-and-comers dead. Samuel Endicott presents his gripping story of tyranny, ambition, and love. Colonial Manhattan comes alive before your eyes.
Samuel Endicott clearly knows his history... Scenes of battle abound in such a way that history books just can't convey... - Heather Froeschl

... a novel that is entertaining and educational... Endicott's novels have something for everyone... Armchair Interviews

...unbiased view of historical events... Filled with action, human interaction and history...   Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews