Mangrove Underground

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Tim W. Jackson

Publisher : Chenault Publishing Group

ABOUT Tim W. Jackson

Tim W. Jackson
Tim W. Jackson was born in Atlanta, started kindergarten in Indonesia, graduated high school in Egypt and was educated all over the world. After earning a journalism degree at the University of Florida, Tim worked as a press photographer for nearly 10 years.He returned to academia to earn More...



USA Book News "Best Books 2011" Award finalist for literary fiction, Mangrove Underground is part Florida eco-terror mystery, part coming of age narrative that subverts the expectations of both genres in a tale of journeys and endings, and how getting there changes you. The story is told in a series of intertwined narratives, each with its own narrator. As the stories converge, the main character, an idealistic park ranger, realizes what he must do to save the community he loves and transform his life into something he can be proud of.

"A unique take on the mystery genre, and plenty of local colour in a captivating tale of mistakes and redemption."  - Cayman Airways Skies magazine 

"A fast-paced adventure replete with intimate encounters with the resident denizens . . . this time the good guys win, sort of."  - Florida Times-Union

"Betrayal, wildfires and skullduggery . . . and an unlikely hero caught amid a struggle to save his community."  - The Caymanian Compass

"Jackson's novel boasts a gritty authenticity . . ."  - Citrus County Chronicle

“Jackson gained firsthand knowledge of backcountry firefighting while accompanying crews battling wilderness blazes.” - Marietta Daily Journal