Tweaky and Solomon

ABOUT Betty Cain

Betty Cain
Betty Ward Cain is a published author, musician and retired teacher. She is listed in the Cambridge who’s who.  Mrs. Cain taught kindergarten students for 30 years.  She comes from a long line of ministers, musicians, teachers and song writers.Mrs. Cain grew up in a minister’s home. More...


Tweaky, the hummingbird, is a fictional character
who helps make the Bible story of Solomon come
alive. Sing Tweaky’s song and read his story and
then read the true story from the Bible in I Kings
1:32-40; 2:1-3; 3:5-14. As you know, Tweaky is a
fictional character that is not in the Bible, but
Tweaky enhances this story. The Biblical account
doesn’t say a lot about Solomon and how he felt
as a child when told he would be the next king.
I’m sure he must have felt unprepared for such a
big job. He didn’t want wealth or fame, but just to
be able to do a good job as the king, so he asked
for wisdom. What would you ask God for if he were
to ask what you desire? I hope I can be like Solomon
and ask for some way to help others.
Your child will enjoy Tweaky’s story.  As they sing
his song, Tweaky becomes a comfort to them. What
better way to get children interested in reading the
Bible than through getting involved in the Bible story.
They will want to read the true account from the
Bible and learn about Solomon. They will want other
books about Tweaky and children from the Bible.
Start a collection for you and your child—
you will want the whole set.