The Unbitten Onion

Humor, General Fiction

By Kevin Kierstead

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Kevin Kierstead

Kevin Kierstead
Born in Ft. Wayne, IN and raised in southeastern VA, Kevin A. Kierstead was published by the age of 10 (editorial). After graduating high school in 1990, he joined the U.S.A.F. for four years while being published as the feature and sports writer for the North Pole Independent Newspape More...


When 100 senators get hurt playing Red Rover... when dogs pee on moving joggers... when conspiracy theories arise over the Bush "Shoe Incident," and a woman throws her dentures at another woman, you have a truth in the purest form.

In the format of the lying news company that produces The Onion, you have the only thing better; The Unbitten Onion. Thirty-four articles that will make your stomach hurt, your cheeks burn, and your friends look at you with mercy, The Unbitten Onion is a book that you should only read with a phone nearby (with 911 on the speed-dial).

Prepare to choke-snort-laugh!