Paperbats 2: Metro Saves the Day

Children's Books, General Fiction, Young Adult

By Jerry Evans

Publisher : Smashbooks / Amazon

ABOUT Jerry Evans

jerry evans
I am a teacher by day and children's book writer by night [well, when I have time]. It has always been a passion of mine, but became active when my own two children were younger and demanded something interesting to listen to and read. This book is the first of a series of 'Paperbat advent More...


When father Herald discovers a fire in the park - a Paperbats's worst fear- he finds that there is nobody to put it out except his family. Yet all is not lost as Metro saves the day.

This book is the second of a series of 'Paperbat adventures'. I live near a beautiful local park, and one day when walking with my two young sons, we saw a piece of newspaper blowing around in the wind. One asked what it was, and why it moved so strangely. I started telling them a story, which developed over several bedtimes into the adventures that are now being published.

“Downloaded the first book and read it to my son. He loved the characters so much that I find myself buying this second book.” Jet Stephens, Boston, Mass, USA

 ‘’Thank you for writing the Paperbat story. Please write another one.”

Holly Lovell, Petersham UK.  [Age 7]

“Very original concept, particularly in using everyday events in the storylines. Children will enjoy getting to know each Paperbat.”  Noisy Crow Publishers, UK