Nightmares From Eberus

ABOUT JC De La Torre

JC De La Torre
C De La Torre is a speculative fiction author who lives in Wesley Chapel, Florida - a suburb of Tampa. De La Torre has written two critically acclaimed novels, the Rise of the Ancients saga, and Nightmares from Eberus - A Speculative Fiction collection.┬áHe also is a featured columinist More...



JC De La Torre - author of the critically acclaimed Rise of the Ancients saga - gives you a new speculative fiction collection featuring 10 astonishing stories. From the controversial Lucifer's Lament and Killing Osama to the vampire yarn Serial and the time travel adventure Continuum Force, De La Torre touches all the genres of Spec Fic. It's all here.

"My love for short stories was the impetus for bringing this collection into the world. Some of these stories were written very early in my life while others were created this year. While the older work has certainly been edited, you can see my transformation as a storyteller from my author infancy to what I consider now as my maturity in writing." - JC De La Torre

"This is an eclectic collection of short stories from a talented author. Topics include time travel, vampires, twisted reality shows, psychics, mythology, and mobsters. Truly, how can any reader not find something to love within these pages?" Book Addict, 2010

"De La Torre takes you on a trip through the darkness, challenging religious dogma, pop culture stereotypes, and personal belief while delivering a ten pack of outstanding, well written short stories." --Spec Fic Stories Review, 2010