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Mike Kearby
Mike Kearby, a retired high school Reading and English teacher, is the author of nine novels. The Road to a Hanging (2006), Ride the Desperate Trail (2007), and Ambush at Mustang Canyon (fall, 2007), completed his Young Adult trilogy published by Dorchester Publishing (NY). Ambush at Must More...


After 200,000 years of hate and violence, a nightmare is thrust upon mankind in one precise moment of creation…a singularity whose violent birth is protracted in time by a sustained vibration.The newborn amorphous entity thrives on the resonance of every spoken word and quickly learns that the darkest words—those cried out by victims of domestic violence or murder, are the most nutritious. To flourish, the entity searches for humans who possess the ability to synch with its electrical resonance and do its murderous bidding. Joseph Burks is a psychopath who possesses that ability

What if the familiar words of the playground taunt, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me— could physically hurt an individual? What if 200,000 years of hate and violence, the amount of time that human-man had been on the planet, were compressed into a singular moment in time? This is the premise of the horror novel, The Resonance. The mutilation and murder of Bette Short in 1947 Hollywood, spawns the unholy resonance, which springs into existence out of Bette’s cleaved torso. A big bang-like phenomenon inflates the resonance to unimaginable size. The newborn amorphous entity thrives on and feeds off the vibration of every spoken word. The dark entity quickly learns that vibrations from the darkest words—those cried out by victims of heinous crimes, such as domestic violence and murder, are the most nutritious— feeding electrical energy into the ravenous prodigy. In order to flourish, the resonance searches for humans who possess the ability to ‘synch’ with its electrical vibration and do its murderous bidding. A dead man, Joseph Burks is the latest resonance recruit. Burks is reanimated by the dark entity and lives in a zombie-like state off the resonance’s electrical vibration. Burks travels through Texas cities meeting potential victims through an Internet service that promotes extramarital affairs. Burks proves to be very successful for the resonance, killing thirty women in fifteen years. As the resonance thrives—growing larger and more powerful in a world abundant in hate, greed, and distrust, Burks grows younger. After Burks’s first killing, the resonance locks onto the vibration of thirteen-year-old Molly Harmon, a curious bystander of the crime scene. The resonance recognizes that Molly not only possesses the ability to ‘synch’ with its dark energy, but can also serve as a vessel for the cast-off electrical waste from the resonance’s murderous feasts. The resonance first appears to Molly as a piece of ribbon candy. Intrigued by the entity, Molly ‘synchs’ with the resonance and is forever bound to the dark side of humanity. The resonance tells Molly during their initial encounter, you’re the one I’ve been searching for—you’re one in a million, Molly. Molly soon learns that her dark shadow is obsessively possessive. Anyone who touches her is aged by her powerful electrical vibration. Molly also discovers that she is not immune to the aging process—that the cast-off waste of the resonance’s feedings ages her as well.

This is one scary, well-written book. Hold on for a fast-paced wild ride.
-Texas Reader Review