The American Southwest: Pride ~ Prejudice ~ Perseverance

ABOUT Paulina Rael Jaramillo, M.A.

paulina rael jaramillo, M.A.
Paulina Rael Jaramillo began her writing career in 1991 as a Contributing Writer for the Inland Empire Hispanic News, an English-language newspaper with an educational format. She wrote special interest stories, profiles highlighting community leaders and research articles dealing with i More...


The American Southwest—A colorful and culturally rich tapestry woven with the various dialects, customs, cultures and architecture of the people who have dwelt in it for thousands of years. Section One provides an overview of the early inhabitants. Section Two and Three focus on the struggles, triumphs and contributions of Mexican Americans. Section Four looks at the immigration issue (past and present) from various Latin American countries and Section Five examines the participation of Latinos in education. This well-researched book contains maps, graphs and a glossary and appeals to educators, students and the general public.