The Dark Dreamweaver

ABOUT Nick Ruth

Nick Ruth
Nick Ruth is the author of The Remin Chronicles, a fantasy series for ages 9-12. Nick draws on the world around him for inspiration in creating his imaginative adventures. He came up with the idea for the first book, The Dark Dreamweaver, while raising Monarch butterflies with his son as a More...


David has always dreamed of being a wizard. But he knows that magic isn't real, so he never imagines that he will meet a real wizard in a most unlikely place. Soon David finds himself traveling to Remin, the land of dreams. There, he learns that an evil dreamweaver, known as Thane, has been usurping the power of dreams and corrupting them for his own purposes. If he isn't stopped, his actions threaten all of Remin and other worlds. Accompanied by several colorful inhabitants of Remin, David begins a journey to confront Thane. The challenges that he encounters will require all of his intelligence, his courage, and most of all, his imagination. The Dark Dreamweaver is Mom's Choice Award winner, an iParenting Media Award winner, a Book Sense Pick, and a Benjamin Franklin Awards finalist.

"If author Nick Ruth wanted to keep me up at night and have me spend every available moment with my nose stuck in his amazing book, “The Dark Dreamweaver,” he totally succeeded! I usually prefer books about animals, especially horses, but this book got my attention right from the start and held on to it for three days. In fact, I have read it three times; I could not put this book down!"
—Aja King, Reader Views Kids

"This is storytelling that takes us back to a time when there was real wonder in a fantasy world without the need for science-fiction based contraptions. I will wager that it will keep the young - as well as the young at heart - riveted and spellbound from beginning to end.”

—Edwyne Rouchelle, curled up with a good kid's book