Attack of the Vampire Snowmen

ABOUT Benny Alano

Benny Alano
Benny Alano is the author of many scary children and middle grade books. He lives in southern California with his wife and daughter. Benny loves hearing from kids who read his books. You can contact him by emailing:



With only a few days before the big night, Santa Claus is kidnapped by an army of vampire snowmen; it’s up to Laidenn, Claus’ only dark elf-in-training, to enlist the help of the living dead elves to defeat the snowmen and bring Claus back.
"Keep in mind, this is young adult fiction, with the goal of appealing to both children and, not quite as dark as you might expect, and age appropriate for grade school & up. My 5yr old loved it & wants 'the guy who made Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton) to make the book into a movie.'"