alpha one - the jump pilot


Chris Burton is a business advisor and part time writer, who lives on the edge of the South Downs National Park in rural Hampshire, England, with his wife, three young children, two dogs and a cat. Alpha One – The Jump Pilot is his first novel.  

Why 2212?
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What lies beyond the wormhole... is the devil incarnate.

Jake is a trainee Jump Pilot and war is rife in the galaxy...

The Sentinels are very sensitive about a region of space, light years from their territorial boundaries. They are guided by the Betanica Sect, who seek to protect the galaxy and in particular the Tri Star Region from invasion by the Kryl. The Kryl are the devil incarnate…

Jake is a final year Alpha Academy student and he has chosen Jump Ship Command to launch his career. He and Steve are two of the brightest academy pilots. They are also vying for the affection of the same girl. Carla is looking for her sister, who left home 6 years before to join the Collective, led by the sinister and mysterious Professor Winterburn. Winterburn casts a spell over everyone he meets.

The Sentinels and the Betanica Sect lock horns with Alpha in a battle to assume control of the Tri Star System. Alpha's aim is to open the Blue Worm hole; a gateway to another galaxy. The gathering masses are joined by Winterburn and his flock and by Jake and Steve whose sole intention is to rescue Carla Stevenson from Winterburn’s clutches.