Entangled in Darkness

ABOUT Lindsey Webster

Lindsey Webster
Writer, poet and author of Entangled in Darkness, a novel about a young woman and her family struggling with mental illness. I am a psychiatric nurse by day (and sometimes by night) and a mental health advocate. I also love animals, I love astronomy, and science fiction and fantasy. My nex More...



Entangled in Darkness is a fictional novel about a young woman, her family and their struggle with mental illness. From the back cover:
Annalyn Johanssen was moving out from home with her best friend and starting university for the first time. It was supposed to be an exciting time in her life. She saw herself as being on the road to success and hoped to one day see herself getting a Ph.D. and starting a prestigious career. University was just the first step in a long and happy life of success. As much as she hoped to get away from the unhappiness of her adolescence, she soon found herself spiraling into darkness...

Entangled in Darkness is about bringing awareness and understanding to mental illness. At its heart, it is really about the struggle of a person, of a family, of friends and loved ones, in the face of mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression, suicide, self-injury, hospitalization, etc. I hope people can read it and find some sort of empathy or understanding for those struggling with mental illness. This story may be fictional, but it is a story that reflects reality for so many that struggle with mental illness. I wrote this for so many people and this story comes out of so many stories of real life people, real life faces, real life hearts and families and loved ones, survivors and people that didn't make it through the darkness. This story encompasses so much. More than anything else, I wrote it for my sister that struggled with depression as a teenager and didn't survive. This book is for her.