Bell's Lot

ABOUT Frank Riley

Frank Riley
My life has been one adventure after another. As a fifteen-year-old kid I worked on river boats in the River Mersey, Liverpool. At sixteen, I went into the Merchant Navy and served on nine ships. When I was eighteen I began hitch-hiking through Scandinavia and mainland Europe. At twenty I More...



Harry Bell, a leading Sydney detective sergeant, is on his toughest case yet. A gang of four, led by a psychopath, are on a crime spree and Harry must get to them before they get to him.
Against the backdrop of Australia's largest city, Sydney, and in the wild bushland, events are taking place that will test the very fabric of Harry's existence. Three murders, and the country's biggest hold-up, submerge him in a swamp of mystery and intrigue in his efforts to solve the crimes.
As if that wasn't enough, his bullying rival at the station is bent on making Harry's life as difficult as possible. Will he be able to scale these seemingly impenetrable barriers to his success, or will Harry crumble under the pressure?

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