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By MJ Daley-Prado

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ABOUT MJ Daley-Prado

MJ Daley-Prado
MJ is an award winning illustrator and writer from Maryland. She has written several children's books including the Grandma What Is Cancer? and her newest release Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure. MJ has also written her first non-fiction novella entitled Borrowed Time. MJ recently her st More...



Buzz wants friends...just one true friend. Is that too hard to ask No one likes Buzz though. They think he's ugly. Disaster strikes but from this something remarkable happens. Come join Buzz on this exciting journey .

I was inspired to write this book after watching the difficult time my daughter had in accepting a new Grandmother. Once she realized there was enough love to go around she finally accepted her new Grandmother.

BUZZ, by MJ Daley-Prado, is another wonderfully done children’s story by this author. I continue to be in awe of her abilities to capture a child’s mind in her continued efforts as a children’s author.

BUZZ is an inspirational story teaching the age old moral of “don’t judge a book by its cover” so to speak as in this case it is a ver...y friendly dragonfly not to be judged by his appearance. BUZZ is a lovely story to be read to help teach morals. The moral of this story never changes and is a valuable lesson to learn for tots and toddlers the same. Its value as a lesson is rich beyond words.


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