The Converted

ABOUT C. R. Hindmarsh

C. R. Hindmarsh
C. R. Hindmarsh is a twenty-something fantasy author born and raised in New Zealand. He is fond of fiction that balances dark grittiness with subtle humor. He also enjoys video games, horror movies and many other geeky pursuits.



With his patients dead and his genetic research in tatters, Dr. Anton Springmann fled his homeland as a fugitive, taking a one-way diesel ship to New Alania. But within hours of his arrival, screams ring through the night. Hordes of gray, humanoid creatures--devils, to the townspeople--attack Anton's new home. Among the dead, Anton finds a single survivor: a young girl, Elisa Pierce. Her skin grows cracked and she begins to mutate. She's becoming a devil. Anton's seen it before.

Tormented by past sins, Anton struggles to save Elisa before the change takes her completely.  But old enemies have pursued him across the seas, and now Anton is being hunted by more than just devils.

Redemption doesn't come cheap in New Alania.

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