Dead Man's Saddle

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Mike Kearby

Publisher : Estate Publishing

ABOUT Mike Kearby

Mike Kearby
Mike Kearby, a retired high school Reading and English teacher, is the author of nine novels. The Road to a Hanging (2006), Ride the Desperate Trail (2007), and Ambush at Mustang Canyon (fall, 2007), completed his Young Adult trilogy published by Dorchester Publishing (NY). Ambush at Must More...



Texas  Independence.


Violent Retribution.


Wes Cauble, veteran of the Texas Revolution and ringleader of the vigilante group known as the Lone Star Brigade is determined to eradicate every Mexican, loyal or not, from the newly founded Republic. After arriving at the Eduardo de Anza Ranch, Wes and his vigilante lawmen stumble upon eight-year-old Miguel Carrigan de Anza. Cauble deputizes the boy and requests that his “new deputy” climb a giant oak tree and string a rope through a series of branches. Miguel complies, unknowing that the rope will later be used to hang his father, Eduardo. Cauble hangs Miguel's father using Eduardo's saddle as a counterbalance weight – a Dead Man's Saddle. As Eduardo strangles, Miguel's mother, Margaret, is killed by deputy June King.  Cauble then orders a horrified Miguel to run back to Mexico, knowing the boy will forever be haunted with the knowledge that he strung his own father's hanging rope. Months after the murder of his parents, a band of Mexican bandits lead by Juan Negras find Miguel. Negras adopts the boy and teaches him the harsh lessons in the way of the gun. Miguel grows into manhood determined to loose his own retribution on the Lone Star Brigade eventually leading him down his own path of bloodshed and destruction.


A Rousing Good Read! A deranged antagonist, a pysche-damaged protagonist, and of course the woman - loved by one, and coveted by the other. Outstanding western fare!
                                                  -eRead Reviews April 2011