The Golden Masterpiece

The Golden Masterpiece

ABOUT Jacky Rom

Jacky Rom
British Drama Teacher turned Author Jacky Rom releases her first Children’s Novel on 26th April 2009. After many years of writing plays she was just about to turn 50 and had the urge to write her first Novel. Escaping off to the Caribbean she wrote the first of a series of five books ca More...



Starr Fox is a famous 11 year old actor and detective. In the Golden Masterpiece she flies out to the Beautiful Island of St Maarten in the Caribbean with her best friend and Body Double “Grace.” They are going to film the sequel to Starr’s first hit movie “The Secret.” But not long after they get there they are kidnapped by pirates. Can Starr save the day and can she protect “The Golden Masterpiece” from being stolen. This fast paced adventure story keeps you on the edge of your seat as the Secret Super Sleuth works her magic.