ABOUT Grace Korplov

Grace Korplov


Not since A Clockwork Orange has a novel been so creatively written and designed. Written as though the reader has discovered loosely discarded pages of a manuscript on a coffee table edited in what seems to be a chaotic attempt of thought, and concentration of a mind soaked in acid. The primary character in this epic novel journeys us on his drug induced highways of fractured love, racing thoughts tearing through anxiety, and feverish episodes of delirium. Surrounded by murder, kink, the multiple realities of drug induced Philip K. Dick like levels of 'what is and is not real, or what seems to be unreality', comes to life in the multitude of colors of burning mind within the pages of Mackoushian's masterpiece. Not a hack writer nor a declared over compensator of literary ego but a writer of progression towards the layers of discovery of truth from the relative points of view that a drug addicted character inhales. Mackoushian has done more than leave a subtle footprint in the literary community he has created a landmark imprint on it.
-Colin Sinclair
The Jesus Chronicles