21 Hustle

ABOUT Melki J.K. Russell

Melki J.K. Russell
Suffering and hard times are a natural aspect of life - like joy and pain. But what if our higher self was dictating our most painful experiences? What if there is not only a lesson that we were trying to teach ourselves behind the pain - but also a formula? ***  Most spiritual self-hel More...



What will the world be like twenty years from now? What if a quick-witted sarcastic sportswriter for the remaining black-owned newspaper in NYC awakes from a coma to find the future of Africa has now been placed on his shoulders? Can he fight off covert agents, fear of commitment, and the pressure of escaping the “Hood” long enough to deliver a mythical staff necessary to save the continent amidst the world basketball championships in Sudan?

These are only part of the hood-thentic, futuristic, mythological and spiritual ordeals that Ellis Rey, former near-great hoop star and hiphop-fiend-turned-sports writer must resolve in 21 Hustle—a.k.a. The Funkyhiphoopnautic,a fast-moving, funny, yet intense gaze into one of our possible near futures.

About the Author

Melki is a former near-great hiphop emcee, hoopster, and journalist with a sick sense of humor, nasty jump shot and the ability to make pause-button mixes. A read-everything-holic, after leaving his day job he spends his waning moments attempting to make sense out of LIFE.