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BASIC Oracle SQL & PL/SQL NOTEBOOK: For High Performance
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ORACLE SQL & PL/SQL Golden Diary: Refactoring, Interoperability of Versions & Integration of related concepts for High Performance
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Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
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Nerd Psychology
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Not Quite Forever (Not Quite series)
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Itz hack: computer in your style
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Your Online College Course Survival Guide: How to Make the Grade and Learn in the Virtual Classroom (The Thrive Online Series)
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Arduino for the Cloud: Arduino Yún and Dragino Yún Shield
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Internet Marketing Made Simple
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GATE 2015 Computer Science & Information Technology
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Proven Amazon Seller Courses Under $500 (2014)
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57 Productivity Tools: For Business, Websites and Application Development
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YOGURT for Workplace Management: Agile & Lean Culture in Practice
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