Brenda Mahler

Brenda Mahler’s novels evolved from personal experiences. Her three published books relate life events and share lessons learned.

Lockers Speak: Voices of American Youth highlights the voices of teenagers in her classroom during her 34 years as an English teacher. With the goal to enlighten the community to the concerns and aspirations of youth, each page shares insight from a different perspective. Public schools present a microcosm of society. The voices provide snapshots of teens growing up in modern society. Collectively, they share the story of our culture.

Understanding the Power of Not Yet: Accepting the Challenges of New Beginnings shares the story of the author’s daughter who at the age of 33 experienced a violent brain trauma that altered her life. Act one begins when Kari wakes in a hospital bed surrounded by family and continues through rehabilitation. When she returns home, act two illustrates the power of hope determination, and overcoming the odds. Her experiences and the events of those around her offer encouragement for stroke victims and their support systems by revealing survival strategies that help manage the unknown.

Life a Satisfying Life By Doing it Doggy Style explains how dogs understand the path to happiness. They know the secrets to patience, faith, and unconditional love. Humans who imitate a dog live life to the fullest. Dagney and her friends demonstrate daily how to embrace each day to discover joy. The stories heighten readers' awareness of animals' ability to embrace happiness.

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