Stephens Press LLC

Stephens Press LLC is a book publishing company creating a variety of high-quality books targeted, in some cases, for regional sales, and others for national distribution. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The firm markets books online, through newspapers, bookstores and specialty retailers. Topics include history, current events, travel, entertainment, nature, sports, lifestyle and much more. Formats range from trade paperbacks to premium coffee table editions, as well as conventional case-bound volumes. Many of our books are "branded" with newspaper or magazine imprints.

Stephens Press is a Stephens Media company. Stephens Media is the owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and numerous other daily and weekly newspapers and magazines in the United States.

Stephens Press provides a tremendous advantage for writers and photographers, giving them an outlet with which to share their combined talents, wisdom and vision. The marketing power available to promote and sell our books via these newspapers and affiliated publications is unequaled by most publishers.

Although we seek proposals from a wide variety of authors, we are especially attracted to the work of editors, reporters and photographers from the world of journalism, a field with which we are so closely associated.

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