Cody Spencer

Hello, I am Cody Spencer. I am 13 years old, and this is my debut as an author. I hope that you find reading this book as much fun as I found writing it! Even when I was very young, I loved books, especially when they had cool pictures. My goal for this story is to teach children the valuable lesson of not making assumptions- without any of that preaching nonsense. I also wanted to make sure that anyone who reads this book gets a laugh out of it. My “rootin-tootin” cowboy story is full of humor, as I find that you learn more when you are having fun.

       Outside of reading and writing, my interests and hobbies include building with Lego bricks, drawing pictures and swimming. I am a Boy Scout and enjoy going on hikes. On sunny days, I love to ride my bike along the beach. In between adventures, I always make sure to spend time with my family and friends.

Cheers! Cody

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