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Hello BookBuzzrs!

It's finally happened! After endless late-night discussions, marathon coding sessions and take-out Chinese dinners at the office, Team BookBuzzr is proud to present CoverBuzzr! This project has been under wraps for the last several months and you are among the privileged few experiencing this patent-pending, book marketing technology in action for the first time.

What is CoverBuzzr?

CoverBuzzr is the ONLY book marketing technology in the world that:

  • Markets your book through online games!
  • Ensures that readers memorize your book cover!
  • Automatically targets only interested readers!
CoverBuzzr is radically different. Your book cover is not an ancillary sideshow presented in a little sidebar or banner ad that will most likely not be seen by users. Rather, your book-cover becomes the central part of a game being played online by thousands of players. Players will actively view and memorize your book in order to win points and exchange those points for prizes. Further, your book will be presented only to those people who are in general, interested in reading books and in particular interested in the topic covered by your book. CoverBuzzr does this by allowing you to associate your book with available prizes. So when a player adds a prize to his or her Wish List, your book will be presented in games being played by that particular player!

"As a published author, I've been a part of the CoverBuzzr game creation process. My role has been very simple: at every stage I've only said: "This game absolutely must help market my book". The result is a game that really works for us authors. Try it and see for yourself. And then, try NOT remembering some of the book covers!"
- Chetan Dhruve, Author of Why Your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator

So how does CoverBuzzr compare to other avenues for exposure that you may be considering for your book? Let's say you run an ad for your book on Facebook, Google or some other blog. Can you be sure that the people who look at your ad are readers? Can you be sure that the people who look at your book are people who may like the topic covered by your book? Can you be sure that they've actually seen your ad? Can you be sure that your target audience has memorized your book cover? CoverBuzzr can help you to be sure!

Think of CoverBuzzr as a tablet that will cure you from the pain of fighting for your audience's attention on a daily basis.

You can now visit the fReado Labs site to check out a beta version of CoverBuzzr. Please note that this is a test version of the new site which will go live very soon. You may find some errors, bugs and issues. We'd appreciate it if you would write to us and give us your suggestions. Also note that real prizes are being given away in order to celebrate our 1 year in existence. So if you play well, you may win a Kindle or one of the many best-selling books available as prizes.

If you're interested in getting your book to show up in CoverBuzzr games, write to us at for a special introductory offer. We also want to give a special thank you to those authors who signed up to become test authors a few months ago. We hope you enjoy seeing your book-covers inside the first CoverBuzzr game!

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By Vikram Narayan
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