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Announcing a New Feature to Get More Book Reviews

Reviews! You can love them or hate them. But you can't ignore them. All your marketing efforts will come to naught if your readers land on an Amazon page with just 1 or 2 reviews which look like they've been written by your friends. One way to get reviews for your book is running an Amazon free day promotion. This works well for many authors although I've read on a few forums that the efficacy is going down over time.

At BookBuzzr, we've been playing around with a number of solutions for this problem. One of them is the "One Click Win" feature on our reader site - The idea is that a reader can get a copy of your book with just one click. This works great for ebooks since you can give away hundreds of copies at a very low cost which may translate into a handful of reviews for your book.

You can learn more about how this feature is different from the Amazon Free Days promotion feature here.

This feature is available only for subscribed BookBuzzr authors. So if you're a BookBuzzr subscribed author, simply log in to your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home page, click on the Book Giveaway section (below Build BookBuzz) and setup the "One Click Win" book giveaway feature. If you've not yet signed-up for a BookBuzzr subscription, why not take a look? Plans start from just $4.99 per month with a one month free trial.

Promote Your Book in the Beach Reads Festival on Freado

Between May 1st and May 31st, you can win a number of best selling Beach Read books on Freado. Some of the more popular prizes include '30 Pieces of Silver', 'The Litigators' and 'She's Come Undone (Oprah's Book Club)'. If you are a subscribed BookBuzzr author, you can build buzz for your books and find new readers by setting up a book giveaway for this festival. To setup a giveaway, simply log in to your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home page, click on the Book Giveaway section (below Build BookBuzz) and add your book. Click here to participate and win.

This Month's Featured BookBuzzr Blog Post - Find Your Horse to Ride by Richard Koch

This month, we're proud to present a guest post by Richard Koch - a former management consultant, investor and best selling author of the 80/20 Principle.

"In life, we all need a horse to ride. Without the horse, we are a small fraction of what we could be.

When I was 13, my parents took me to a motor museum at a grand country house. Big yawn. Happily, there was a donkey derby alongside it, and they agreed to let me ride a donkey. Being bigger and heavier than the other kids, nobody backed me and the bookmakers pushed my odds out to 66-1 against. Whereupon my dad surprised them by plonking down a fiver on me - after a moment's hesitation, the bookie took the bet and rubbed out 66-1 and put 25-1 instead."
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Congratulations to the Winner of the 2 Minute Freado Users Survey

Freado Congratulates Suzanne Bischoff - for winning $25 Amazon Gift Card by participating in 2 Minute Freado Users Survey.

What Readers are Saying About Freado (On Which Your Book is Also Promoted)

"Freado is an avenue for authors to market their products, and provides readers the opportunity to win prizes, play games, and learn of books and authors they otherwise may not be exposed to. I've been entertained by the Freado experience for years and won fabulous rewards."
Cheryl Hart - Book Lover and Winner of 2nd prize in the CoverMatcher Marathon Section of Freado's Easter Festival.

"I like that Freado encourages participation to win the giveaways. It makes you put more thought into what you want and appreciate it more when you win."
Mike Langston - Book Lover and Winner of 1st prize in the CoverMatcher Marathon Section of Freado's Easter Festival.

"I have never felt slighted or cheated by Freado and I highly recomended for those who thoroughly enjoy reading and those that have difficult acquiring books of the genre they enjoy or those books recently released. Freado is a wonderful place to play games and challenge oneself on the reading of various books."
Dinah Lance - Book Lover and Winner of 3rd prize in the CoverMatcher Marathon section in Freado's Christmas Book Festival

"As an aspiring author and avid reader I think Freado is a great site. It provides people with the opportunity to win a lot of different prizes and provides authors with a great way to market their work."
J.E. Barrett - Book Lover and Winner of 6th prize in the CoverMatcher Marathon Section of Freado's Easter Festival.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of April 2013.

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