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Freado Brings You Interviews with 4 Amazing Book Bloggers

Over at the Freado blog, we've been busy gathering answers from some of the most popular book bloggers out there:

1. Sheila of Book Journey
2. Bieke of Istyria book blog
3. Christi of Smitten With Reading
4. Aloi of Guiltless Reading

Check them out to learn more about how book bloggers actually operate.

BookBuzzr Books Reviewed on Freado

Ever Essence - Reviewed By Emily S
"Wow! What a thrill ride!
Ever Essence is a completely engrossing adventure the whole way through! The world Curran's has created gives an entirely new..." Read More ...

Jamaica's Forgotten Treats - Reviewed By Camille Beckford
Jamaica's Forgotten Treats
"Excellent collection of Jamaican desserts and treats. I got a very nostalgic feeling while flipping the pages. I am definitely going to try these recipes..." Read More ...

The promise of provence - Reviewed By Debbie Headley
The promise of provence
"The main story of the book was great and I loved that it shows at any age you can still find love. The book was too long in describing the area of where the main character was at the time..." Read More ...

What Readers are Saying About Freado (On Which Your Book is Also Promoted)

"Freado has been a wonderful experience. Being an avid reader and so passionate about books and finding new authors that you don't always know about through other websites or just by talking to someone-Freado was and still is incredible. There are so many books out there that I would love to get my hands on and knowing that there is a website that not only introduces authors but also offers free books-it's wonderful! I haven't been a member of Freado long but I can already tell that I have and will absolutely continue to recommend this website to anyone regardless of age or location. Everyone needs to know about Freado especially to those like myself who are an avid reader :)"
- Caileigh C

"Freado is a great place where a reader can discover new authors and different types of books. They have a great selection to choose from. They have amazing giveaways and games for all to play."
- Amy Bowens

"Freado gives everyone a chance to win something"
- Lauren Aston

"For a lover of books this is a great way to get and read all types of new books and learn about upcoming authors."
- Carrole Embray

Announcement: An Upcoming KDP Free Day on Amazon

BookBuzzr author - Nicola McDonagh - is giving away her book 'Echoes from the Lost Ones' for free on and from 18th-22nd September 2014.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of August 2014.

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