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The Ten Commandments of Book Marketing

Some years ago, we wrote a blog series titled 'The Seven Book Marketing Mistakes that Authors Make'. Since then, thousands of other authors have joined the BookBuzzr community and we've had a rich opportunity to learn from the experiences of these authors. Based on what we've learned we've created a free eBook titled - 'The Ten Commandments of Book Marketing'. Click here to download your free eBook to learn the secrets of book marketing or click here to read online.

An Interview with BookBuzzr Author Debbie Heaton

Author and BookBuzzr subscriber Debbie Heaton's book - The Haunting of Wolfe Haven - has been garnering a number of positive reviews from on Freado - our sister site dedicated to book bloggers and reviewers. We reached out to Debbie to understand why her book has been striking a chord with readers. Click here for the interview.

An Interview with Old School Mystery Author Greg Messel

Longtime BookBuzzr subscriber - Greg Messel's books have been gradually creating a niche for themselves and finding a dedicated audience on Amazon. A reviewer recently wrote about his Sam Slater mystery novel, "I've read all three Sam Slater novels, and just finished San Francisco Secrets. Again, it was full of great San Francisco locations. great 'bad guys' and I enjoyed the story." Click here to read Greg's interview.

What Authors Are Saying About BookBuzzr

"I advertised on Google Adwords and Facebook. It was not until I installed BookBuzzr widgets that my traffic skyrocketed and the sales of my books tripled in the last month. BookBuzzr is money well spent."
- Matthew Heines, Teacher, Writer, Adventurer, Stand-up Philosopher.

What Readers are Saying About Freado (On Which Your Book is Also Promoted)

"This is the first time I have seen this site and it is really amazing. I love reading and love that even if its not a book that I can get free it give me ideas of books to buy. Wish I would have known about the site sooner."
- Tracy Jones

"Freado is a great place to discover new authors and a variety of books. I have found many interesting new reads thanks to Freado."
- Amy Bowens

"Freado is an awesome site where you can win free books and prizes by playing really fun games."
- Kiwi Guava

"Freado is a great place to get free books and my favorite game is Covermatcher! It's so easy to use Freado!"
- Kathryn Wright

"I really enjoy the game that enables me to win books. CoverMatcher really is great to play."
- Debra Parker

"I love Freado. Not only can you win great books and prizes, you have a lot of fun doing it. Thanks Freado!"
- Patricia Gallant

BookBuzzr Books Recommended on Freado

The Haunting of Wolfe Haven - Reviewed By Jen Schaper
"The Haunting of Wolfe Haven is a gothic story with great atmosphere. Itís more of a mystery than a romance, but the mystery is contingent upon romantic relationships..." Read More ...

City of the Dead Gods - Reviewed By Sharon Mccumber
"So when I got city of the dead gods I was so excited!!! I read it in two days! You get to that point when you read where you don't want to read the same story over and over again..." Read More ...

Last of The Seals - Reviewed By Sharon Mccumber
"I got this and realized that I hadn't read a good murder or mystery book since my young reading days filled with Nancy Drew. This was well put together and seamlessly told..." Read More ...

Love Letters from God - Reviewed By Karen Schram
"Well first of all the book is something you can't just read once but you go back on different occasions. I love the book because it helped me thru different things when I needed a few words from God..." Read More ...

Freado Brings You Interview with Amazing Book Blogger

Life as a Book Blogger with Swapna Krishna of Thoughts from an Insatiable Reader. Click here for the interview.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of December 2014.

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