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Announcing the New, Improved BookBuzzr Flipper

The BookBuzzr Flipper Widget has been a much loved product for the last three years. This is because it is specifically targeted towards authors who want to provide an excerpt of their book to readers on their website. Today, we're pleased to announce the new flipper which has undergone a quantum jump in usefulness and design. The full screen mode now opens inside your website or blog and therefore keeps the reader focused on your book. And the new widget colors and themes will complement your book and website. Finally, you can customize the size of the widget. Make it small and fit it on the side bar of your blog or make it big and use it as a stand-alone website for your book!

Learn more about how this widget can help your book and to see how it compares to other options such as Issuu.

Also, if you would like to get the new widget for your book, please login to your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home page and click on the 'Book Widget' icon (in the 'Get Widgets' section)

5 Questions with Orangeberry Book Tours Founder Pandora Poikilos

Book tours can be a powerful way to create buzz about your book. We recently conducted a blog interview with BookBuzzr author and founder of Orangeberry Book Tours - Pandora Poikilos. Check out the interview to learn more about what a book tour is and some best practices that you should follow when you go on a book tour.

Promote Your Book in the Summer Romance Festival on Freado

Between June 1st and June 30th, you can win a number of best selling Romance books on Freado. Some of the more popular prizes include 'The Witness', 'Safe Haven' and 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. If you are a subscribed BookBuzzr author, you can build buzz for your books and find new readers by setting up a book giveaway for this festival. To setup a giveaway, simply log in to your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home page, click on the Book Giveaway section (below Build BookBuzz) and add your book. Click here to participate and win.

Freado Now Has 20,000+ Fans on Facebook

Over 20,000 book lovers have now 'Liked' our Facebook fan page. Check it out and Like this page to get updates relevant to readers!

What Readers are Saying About Freado (On Which Your Book is Also Promoted)

I am having a great time on Freado. I love looking through all the new books and bidding on ones that appeal to me. I have also become addicted to the Covermatcher Game.- it is fun and keeps my mind busy. Thanks Freado for a a great site!
Linda Shubert - Book Lover and Winner of 6th prize in the CoverMatcher Marathon Section of Freado's Beach Reads Festival.

Hot Prizes on Freado for Book Lovers

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This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of May 2013.

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