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Hello BookBuzzrs!

We are in a celebratory mood! We now have over 6,000 books on BookBuzzr. Our book-winning site - is also receiving tens of thousands of visitors every month. Thank you for your support.

Now onto the announcements ...

How to increase your book's Amazon sales rank
Author Susan Bischoff who has a subscription to BookBuzzr Author Pro and is giving away over 30 free copies of her e-book on has seen her book's Amazon rank increase substantially over the last few months. We got in touch with Susan and asked her for some tips that she may want to share with other authors. Her response is detailed and extremely instructive. Do take 5 minutes to read through her email on our blog. We promise you that you'll find at least one new idea or action item to help you market your own books.

Check out our new Facebook fan page
Also do take a look at's new Facebook fan page at It features photographs of some of our authors and books. It also provides you with clues that help you to win prizes on Freado. You can even get 1000 free points on this page (click on the Free Points tab.) We also have plenty of ongoing contests running on this page and you will enjoy participating in these.

Win an iPad for Christmas
And if you've not already done so, please spend some time playing the CoverMatcher game on and earn points from every game that you play. We're giving an iPad for Christmas and you could be the lucky winner. Or at the very least you could win a free book from the over 300 books available in the prizes section of the site. Here's what one of the winners - Teresa Delaney - had to say after winning the book 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins, "I absolutely love playing CoverMatcher on Freado! It's a great way to unwind after a stressful day, and unlike most games it has real prizes instead of virtual prizes! I love the selection of books available, and have been able to bid on books everyone in my family will enjoy."

The Great BookBuzzr Christmas Giveaway!
X-Mas is almost here and the giving spirit is all around us. We'd like to run a fun little contest and give away 10 prizes totally valued at over $200. Click here for details of this contest.

Coming Soon - The BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies Center
How do you market your book to users of the iPhone and iPad? What book marketing opportunities exist in the world of Facebook? What can you do to market your book to mobile phone users via SMS? You may have many such questions when it comes to marketing your book using emerging technologies. The BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies Center (BBMTC) seeks to help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape through a series of online seminars, blog posts and round-tables. It will launch in the early part of next year and is designed to take your knowledge of book marketing technologies to a whole new level. More details will be announced in our next newsletter. Stay tuned!

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books
And now let's move onto the announcement of this month's top BookBuzzr books. Congratulations to the winners.

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